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Welcome to Recordkeeping Innovation

We’re Australia’s trusted partner in secure, compliant, and efficient data management and records management. We provide unparalleled accountability through information governance that enhances operational efficiencies while reducing business risks.

With a comprehensive suite of services, our clients span all tiers of government, corporate sectors, and not-for-profits. Our established and experienced team is trusted by a multitude of industries to navigate evolving landscapes of compliance and regulatory complexities, improving inefficient records management practices and handling the digital transformation of operations. 

Our Services

in M365

We provide comprehensive M365 Design and Governance services, including the development of information architectures, implementation of governance controls, the establishment of security and access requirements, and the application of Recordkeeping by Design principles.

Information Management Strategic Reviews

Our expert-led strategic reviews deliver a comprehensive assessment and future state design that encompasses current state assessments, action plans, and roadmaps.


Our strategic information frameworks unlock organisation-wide increases in productivity through our framework development, security and access requirement analysis, information architectures, standard compliance pathways, and Recordkeeping by Design protocols.

Recordkeeping Control Tools

We develop and implement control tools necessary to efficient recordkeeping, including business classification schemes, taxonomies, metadata schemes, and management of records retention and disposal rules.

Records and Information Management Frameworks

We equip organisations with robust policy and procedure development, user guidance, and toolkits across key areas such as governance controls, business systems assessments, and access to eLearning modules and internal training packages.

Digital Preservation and Archives Planning

Retain and preserve business-critical information with our management of digital preservation policies and strategies, legacy system decommissioning, migration planning, and comprehensive archival planning and management.