Seamless recordkeeping
with M365 implementations

Recordkeeping in M365

Recordkeeping plays an integral role in your business’s information landscape. With our seamless incorporation of recordkeeping into your Microsoft 365 (M365) environment we achieve holistic solutions that create efficiencies in information management, meeting compliance requirements while fuelling business productivity. Our clients receive the benefits of enhanced accuracy, reliability, discoverability, and searchability.

Recordkeeping by Design

Using Recordkeeping by Design principles, we focus on work processes, the information created and how the information should be managed within the M365 environment. This information ‘focused’ approach ensures the safekeeping of the records required to be made and kept, to protect the rights of organisations and individuals, and that organisational information and data can be understood over time.


Information Architectures

Effective and sustainable recordkeeping is only achieved within a robust and strategic information architecture. At Recordkeeping Innovation, we structure and organise your information in a way that’s understandable, accessible, and useable for relevant parties. Our comprehensive approach to information architecture design includes an in-depth evaluation of user needs, business requirements and contexts, use of metadata, taxonomies and more. Combined with our expertise in M365 environments, we deliver company information management solutions that are designed and structured to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

M365 Design and Governance

No matter the industry best-practices or regulatory frameworks your work must take place within, our expertise and extensive knowledge of industry standards deliver certainty for our clients in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of their information assets. To protect the information captured in M365, we develop a careful balance of design and governance controls. These technical and organisational requirements ensure the effective governance of your records for as long as the records are required by the development and implementation of business rules for the effective management of information, including retention requirements, sensitivity labeling, access controls.

Security and Access Requirements

The protection of sensitive records is paramount in the effective delivery of our Recordkeeping in M365 services.

We partner with our clients to define security and access requirements within their M365 environments, ensuring data is seamlessly accessible to the appropriate stakeholders within defined access windows, as well as protecting them from unauthorised access.

Through designing access and security controls, user permissions, and more, we provide security and certainty, protecting your organisation’s most valuable intellectual assets.


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In our modern work environments, records and information management requires a clarified and robust approach to guarantee the safety of your organisation’s information assets.
Our comprehensive expert team supports the safety and regulatory requirements of your business, while also empowering decision-making capacities and growth opportunities through intelligent and intuitive records management.
Find the framework you need for effective records management that ensures compliance, enhances accessibility, and empowers the useability of your data with our Recordkeeping in M365 service.