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Information Management Strategic Reviews

Optimising your Information Management

Without information, there can be no innovation. At Recordkeeping Innovation, we deliver Information Management Strategic Reviews that support organisations to drive growth, realise efficiencies, and align their workflows with their strategic objectives.

Our expertise in assessing information management current states, future state design, and the development of organisation-specific action plans and roadmaps are the foundational building blocks necessary for ongoing and sustainable Information Management.

Current State Assessments

Current state assessments are a critical first step in building an integrated and effective records, information and data management future. Our current state assessments provide a comprehensive and granular understanding of your existing information management practices, systems and technical environment, resulting in a detailed analysis of your organisation’s information ecosystem, including requirements for privacy, information security and data governance.
Our expert team brings the benefit of decades of experience into assessing how effective and efficient current practices are, seeking solutions that will align with your business goals, as well as industry and regulatory standards and management requirements.
This work delves far beyond your systems and technologies, assessing the culture and practices of your organisation to achieve comprehensive insights. These evaluations highlight strengths and areas of potential concern within your current state, supporting the development of a robust future state by building maturity in information management practices and procedures.

Future State Design

After assessing your organisation’s current state, we use these findings to inform a robust, efficient and sustainable future state design. During this process, our team reviews the unique needs of your business, and emerging trends within Information Management that are relevant to your workflow and industry. We also review aspects including data architectures, system integrations, data governance, security, and quality management. This work enables a future state design, based on industry best practice, that captures the value of your information and data, optimising its potential to fuel decision-making and business operations.

Action Plans and Roadmaps

Armed with current state insights and future state design protocols, we leverage our team’s expertise to build clearly articulated and executable approaches to implementing your Information Management transformation. Taking a pragmatic approach, these action plans are customised to the needs and capacities of your business, built within the context of your resources, timelines, and objectives.

Resourced for the future

At Recordkeeping Innovation, our Information Management Strategic Reviews provide robust pathways to a transformed future. Drawing on our deep understanding of the complexity of current information environments, we look to future-proof the management of information and data. This strategic management across systems and technology changes empowers our clients to achieve optimised and efficient information management practices they can rely on.