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Records and Information Management Frameworks

Building businesses that are structured for success

Our comprehensive Records and Information Management Frameworks services fuel organisations with the power of clear and cohesive frameworks, delivering a strategic approach to records and information management practices and processes. Our range of services are designed to support every aspect of your business’s records and information management needs, covering processes, technologies, and people, both now and for the future. Our versatile and targeted training modules also support skills development within your internal team, equipping them with the insights they need for ongoing management and useability of information assets.

Policy and Procedure Development

We develop comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure consistency and compliance across your organisation’s information management framework. Tailored to your business operations and the regulations you operate within, these resources mandate and support consistent information management, building recordkeeping practices that will ensure risks to information can be mitigated and compliance requirements are met.

User Guidance and System Guidelines

Through expert user guidance and system guidelines, we equip your staff to navigate and utilise robust recordkeeping systems. This user-centric approach, paired with detailed and tailored guidelines, promotes process longevity across existing and incoming team members and ongoing efficiency in everyday information and data processes. Our invaluable support gives your team the insight and education required to simplify information accessibility, enhance accurate recordkeeping, and streamline workflows and protocols.

Governance Controls

We establish comprehensive governance controls that create seamless protocols for information management within your organisation, including clear guidelines on roles, responsibilities, and processes. This strategic design enables your information management practices to be aligned with organisational objectives and relevant regulatory requirements, safeguarding accuracy and reliability in every data touchpoint.


To complement our records and information management frameworks, we develop custom toolkits that are shaped around the unique information management needs of your organisation. Your team will benefit from a suite of resources and tools that are designed to strategically improve the governance process, equipping them to navigate the complexities of information governance within a supported and insightful environment of compliance.

Business systems assessment

At Recordkeeping Innovation, one of our first strategic priorities is to understand the current state of your business systems. We conduct thorough business systems assessments to identify areas of improvement, building recommendations that align with your business goals, ICT strategies and organisational requirements to enhance efficiency, reliability, and useability within your records management and information management systems.

Records, Information Management and Archival Training

Available in both eLearning and face-to-face delivery formats, our training modules cater to a wide range of contextual frameworks and learning requirements. Key areas include records and information management, archival principles, security protocols, and organisation-specific practices and business rules, resulting in improvements to recordkeeping practices across business teams. This practical approach includes both instructional and real-world applications, seeking to improve and refresh existing staff skills, introduce new concepts, and provide key frameworks for how to understand, develop, and manage recordkeeping strategies.

An enduring foundation for ongoing success

Our passion and expertise for robust information and records management is fuelled by the results we see in our clients: empowered decision-making, increased organisational capacities, and peace of mind across every aspect of their business’s operational procedures.Find efficiencies that release resources for other critical business activities with our Records and Information Management Frameworks range of services.