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Recordkeeping Innovation is Australia’s trusted partner in secure and compliant data and records management. We deliver accountable and efficient information governance to boost operational efficiency and minimise business risk.

Our wide-ranging services cater to various clients, including government sectors at all levels, corporate entities and non-profit organisations. We are recognised and trusted across numerous industries for our expertise in managing the changing demands of compliance and regulatory intricacies. We specialise in optimising outdated records management systems and managing the digital transformation of operational processes.

Cultural Heritage and Archives

At Recordkeeping Innovation, we have worked with many archival and cultural institutions in the management and preservation of records and digital assets. We deliver a range of specialist recordkeeping, archives management and digital preservation services aimed at ensuring the reliability, integrity, authenticity and accessibility of records and digital assets over time.

Our Cultural Heritage and Archives clients include:

Education and Training

Recordkeeping Innovation helps registered training organisations and education entities to safeguard against academic misconduct and data loss, ensuring compliance with educational standards and protecting institutional integrity. Our approach effectively lowers the chances of data mismanagement and enhances the security of academic and administrative documentation.

Our Education and Training clients include:

Environment and Conservation

In an environment where organisations and agencies are under close scrutiny, when delivering renewable energy projects, conservation efforts, forestry management and other sustainable practices, Recordkeeping Innovation have helped in the implementation of better information governance ensuring meticulous record-keeping for initiatives that contribute to ecological sustainability, the environment and wider communities.

Our Environment and Conservation clients include:

Finance, Insurance and Superannuation

The financial sector faces stringent regulatory requirements related to data privacy and secure transaction records. Recordkeeping Innovation reduces vulnerability to financial fraud and data breaches, safeguarding against non-compliance and ensuring the secure and confidential handling of transactions and sensitive financial data.

Our Finance, Insurance and Superannuation clients include:

Government Services

We provide tailored recordkeeping solutions for both State and Federal Government Agencies. Focussing on better management of Agency information, data and records, providing tools to ensure the continuity of recordkeeping infrastructures, future robustness and accessibility to information over time. We aim to offer secure, efficient record-keeping that upholds the functions of government and the expectations of the community.

Our Government Services clients include:

Health Services

Health sector regulations demand meticulous management of information. With extensive experience in the health sector, we believe good information governance is critical to the effective management of information including personally sensitive information and data. By understanding what data is held, where it is stored and how long it needs to be retained, we safeguard against risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our Health Services clients include:

Infrastructure Planning and Construction

We support organisations in infrastructure planning and construction, maintaining detailed records of their decisions and actions, and contributing to transparent and accountable management of critical infrastructure projectsThe tools we develop for these organisations require an in-depth knowledge of business activities, corporate priorities and the commercial and legislative environments in which they operate. Our consultants possess a proven capacity to translate the requirements of highly technical environments into workable records control tools.

Our Infrastructure Planning and Construction clients include:

Local Government

In Local Government, records are vital for public service delivery and legal compliance. Recordkeeping Innovation ensures secure and efficient management of community records, land registrations and public works documents to mitigate risks such as data breaches and non-compliance with local regulations.

Our Local Government clients include:

Regulation and Enforcement

Regulatory bodies require meticulous recordkeeping to enforce industry standards and regulations. Recordkeeping Innovation provides comprehensive systems for effective record management, mitigating risks associated with regulatory oversights and non-compliance incidents.

Our Regulation and Enforcement clients include:

Religious and Community organisations

We can assist not-for-profit organisations of all sizes maintain donor trust and operational transparency. Our solutions minimise risks related to mismanagement of donor data and non-compliance with fundraising regulations, optimise resource allocation and data management, and enhance operational efficiency.

Our Religious and Community organisations clients include:

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