eSafety Commission

Addressing the critical need for structured record management and compliance, the eSafety Commission partnered with Recordkeeping Innovation to impriove its information governance and management, ensuring robust online safety and privacy in an increasingly digital world.


eSafety Commission




The eSafety Commissioner is an independent statutory office established under the Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015. eSafety play a vital role in the promotion and support of online safety, and coordination of activities of other agencies in respect of online child safety. In 2021 eSafety identified a need for implementation of a structured and consistent way of managing records, in line with external recordkeeping and privacy compliance requirements and internal business requirements. 

To facilitate identification and implementation of information management improvements, eSafety engaged the services of Recordkeeping Innovation. As part of this engagement Recordkeeping Innovation: 

  • Undertook user consultation and data collection to better understand the existing environment and information management practices 
  • Developed an information asset register (inclusive of information relating to PII or sensitivity requirements) to provide greater visibility over information assets, and support more effective governance of these assets 
  • Developed a current state assessment and supporting implementation plan and roadmap to support implementation of information management improvements and reduction of information management risks 

The engagement provided eSafety with a strategic and robust approach for governance of information assets, and reduction or elimination of compliance risks. 


  • Implement a strategic and governed approach to managing information assets 

Our Role

  • Liaise with key stakeholders to identify information management practices, requirements and risks 
  • Develop a current state assessment, and supporting implementation plan and roadmap  
  • Develop an information asset register 

Client Outcomes

  • Understanding of key information management and privacy risks and compliance gaps 
  • Strategic and robust approach for driving information management improvements 
  • Understanding and holistic view of information assets created, kept and managed 

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