Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation

"Through Recordkeeping Innovation's comprehensive review and strategic implementation, the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation enhanced its information management maturity, aligning with legislative standards and reducing risks, thereby ensuring secure, auditable, and effectively governed information in a critical financial sector.


Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation


Federal Government


The Australian Reinsurance Corporation Pool (ARPC) is a Public Financial Corporation established under the Terrorism and Cyclone Insurance Act (2003) to operate a terrorism reinsurance pool for insurance of losses due to terrorism, and a reinsurance pool for insurance of damage to houses and small businesses due to cyclones.   

ARPC engaged RKIC to undertake a review of current information and records management practices with the objective of improving information and records management effectiveness and achieve compliance with information governance and records management legislative obligations. 

Based on consultations with staff, we produced a comprehensive information management Current State Assessment Report covering information management practices, information flows, issues and pain points and information related risks. 

Our assessment also involved a review and evaluation of key systems against ISO 16175 1:2020: Information and documentation — Processes and functional requirements for software for managing records identify system compliance inadequacies. For the assessment report we also reviewed existing information structures in Teams and SharePoint, and using the Australian Government Recordkeeping Metadata Standard we evaluated the ARPC-wide metadata and taxonomy model

Based on the report we delivered: 

  • An implementation plan for information and records management improvements 
  • A principle-based information governance policy and information governance framework for data, information and records developed according to NAA standards.
  • A mapping of all relevant information management and security standards including NAA, PSPF, ISM, Privacy principles, regulatory requirements.
  • A change management strategy incorporating communication and training strategies.

We worked closely with ARPC key stakeholders to ensure the implementation plan and change management strategy addressed all requirements and provided a clear roadmap for the proposed initiatives.


  • Determine current state information management maturity status 
  • Provide an Implementation Strategy and Roadmap 
  • Develop Change Management Strategy and training materials 

Our Role

  • Conduct discovery interviews with stakeholders across the organisation to identify systems, information assets and areas for improvement.
  • Provide an Information Management Current State Assessment Report including practical improvement recommendations.
  • Review ARPC-wide metadata and high-level taxonomy model
  • Produce an Implementation Plan for recommended actions.
  • Produce a Change Management Strategy and training plan.

Client Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of organisation wide information management maturity level  
  • Awareness of specific risks and impediments to business effectiveness at executive level 
  • Informed basis for prioritising and resourcing initiatives for improvements to information management  
  • An established contemporary and fit for purpose Information Governance framework that underpins ARPC’s functional operating model 
  • Increased awareness of the principles and benefits of information management and opportunity to embed good information management practices 
  • Information is more discoverable, secure, auditable and governed according to compliance obligations 
  • Minimisation of risks to information such as cyber-security attacks

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