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Digital Preservation and Archival Planning

Protecting the past while prioritising the future

Our Digital Preservation and Archival Planning services are built on the recognition that successful preservation of the past is integral to the growth opportunities of the future. Dedicated to ensuring that your critical records, datasets, and digital assets are carefully preserved and appropriately accessible, we provide holistic solutions for your organisation’s information assets. Our comprehensive digital preservation strategies, migration planning, and archival planning enable a holistic approach to the management of records, data and information.

Digital Preservation Policy and Strategies

No two organisations’ needs are the same when it comes to effective digital preservation policies and strategies. We design tailored plans that ensure the integrity and accessibility of your data, building archive management solutions that are not bound to individual technologies or legacy systems. With our experts taking into account a wide range of considerations, such as nature of the records and data compliance requirements, infrastructures, and business resources, our bespoke designs enable the long-term viability of your organisation’s information assets.

Decommissioning legacy systems

When organisations rely on legacy systems to hold critical data, crucial information may be lost forever because of hardware failure, software failure, or incompatibility with future system updates. By decommissioning legacy systems, your organisation can save time, resources and money while maintaining access to critical data that is required for regulatory purposes or organisational objectives. Our expert team are experienced in legal frameworks for information management and recordkeeping. We provide innovative approaches to strategically plan for decommissioning covering strategies for access and security, metadata, conversion, migration, or deletion of data and how to execute this.

Migration planning

No matter the scale of your migration needs, we offer the robust expertise required for a seamless and successful project. With decades of experience working with domestic and international archival authorities, our migration planning service is informed by real-world applications across a wide range of regulatory and industry-specific framework requirements.

Archival planning

At Recordkeeping Innovation, our approach to archival planning is fuelled by our understanding of the importance of context in ensuring the integrity of digital records. We deliver robust and comprehensive archival planning pathways, aligned to industry standards that include detailed analyses of provenance (who created the records), functions (processes or activities), and series (structures, arrangements and relationships), enabling the integrity of the archival collection.

Comprehensive management of your existing and future data

In our Digital Preservation and Archival Planning services, we offer organisations the power of accessibility to information assets and historical data that’s required to be retained either for the long term or permanently, achieved without compromising on security and redundancy. Through active management of your organisation’s information and data assets, their full value can be drawn on as you shape your business’s data-driven future.