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recordkeeping is in our DNA

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A rich history of industry-leading records and information management.

Founded in 2003 by industry leaders Kerry Gordon and Barbara Reed, Recordkeeping Innovation was established when Provenance Consulting Services and Recordkeeping Systems were amalgamated into one industry-leading organisation. The result was a team who provided records management solutions of the highest quality and longevity,
founded on a standard-based approach informed by industry leadership and the organisation’s development of Australian professional standards.

Recordkeeping Innovation Founders

Now, under the directorship of Adelle Ford and Annette Senior, Recordkeeping Innovation continues to deliver robust and authoritative records and information management solutions. In every aspect of our work with our clients, we improve the governance of information through a strategic, insightful approach, identifying areas of innovation and application to enhance the useability, accessibility, and long-term viability of key organisational information, records, and data assets.

Whether your organisation is required to meet stringent industry regulations and compliance frameworks, or you’re looking to unlock the potential value inherent within your information assets, Recordkeeping Innovation provides comprehensive and uniquely holistic solutions to every aspect of your records and data management requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering transformational outcomes for our diverse client pool, equipping them for the challenges and opportunities of the future through strategic management of their intellectual assets. 

What we do

As information and records management practitioners with a rich body of government consulting experience (at all levels), consultants in Recordkeeping Innovation are passionate about managing data resources in ways that are sustainable and reusable, ensuring they carry the characteristics needed for their reuse and trust from the time of their creation. Our expert services offer the following comprehensive and integrated solutions.

A standards approach to the capturing, management, maintenance, access, and retention of records over the short, medium and long term.
Empowering organisations to manage, access and leverage integral information assets through the development and implementation of appropriate frameworks, standards, systems, and processes.
Understanding the value and risks associated with information retention and developing plans for the preservation of digital data assets necessary to their survival beyond the lifetime of the technologies, hardware, and software in which they’re stored. This results in optimally structured, governed, and logical information repositories.
Ensuring documents are managed in a controlled environment, as well as streamlining processes to make sure the management, tracking, storing and disposal of documents is undertaken based on best practice standards and methodologies.
Information and data governance are at the heart of effectively managing information assets. This is achieved through a combination of management controls, accountability, system design, security, privacy, risk, and compliance. By taking a multi-disciplinary approach to the governance of information, we ensure a strategic and proactive approach, rather than a reactive approach.
Managing and planning archival services requires sound knowledge of archival principles and best practice standards. Our work in developing metadata standards ensures that digital records systems are designed to capture, keep, and preserve digital archives. This stands us in good stead to provide sound advice around the decommissioning of legacy systems, migration planning, and ongoing archive management requirements.
This involves the appraisal of data for creation and retention. We build controls into datasets at the design stage of system implementations so assets can be managed from creation onwards, considering requirements for the management of personal data to ensure this sensitive data is not over-retained.
We achieve this by defining metadata schemas for the creation, management, and longevity of information structures within organisational contexts. These metadata schemas provide a core component of the information architecture supporting system design.

Our Clients

Our clients span industries and scales, including government agencies, commercial organisations, non-profits, international entities and more. Learn more about our clients here.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of professionals at Recordkeeping Innovation

Picture of Adelle Ford

Adelle Ford


Adelle is an experienced industry expert, information management consultant delivering quality strategic advice, consultancy and services for companies operating in legislatively complex business environments. She has worked in the information and records management sector since 1979 and has a Graduate Diploma in Data Management.

Adelle has extensive experience in conducting strategic reviews against industry standards, development of information management frameworks, policy and procedures, records and information management strategy documents including digital preservation, development of metadata standards, development and delivery of training courses and change management processes. She possesses a sound knowledge of a range of enterprise content management software products along with experience in system evaluation and assessment, specification of business requirements, identification of metadata requirements and in designing M365 to support sound recordkeeping practice. Adelle has also taught records management courses through Sydney Institute (TAFE) and developed modules and learning guides for the courses.

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Picture of Annette Senior

Annette Senior


Annette is an experienced information management consultant delivering quality strategic advice and consultancy services in legislatively complex business environments. She has a Graduate Diploma of Information Services and has worked in information specialist roles since 2000.

Annette has extensive experience in local, state and federal government sectors conducting strategic reviews against industry standards, development of information management frameworks supported by policies and procedures, system evaluation and assessment against functional requirements, development of metadata control tools for implementation in systems and in designing M365 to support sound recordkeeping practice. She develops, designs and delivers both online and face to face training courses.

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