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Information Governance

Strengthening your business through robust Information Governance

Information Governance offers strategic, transformational advantages to forward-facing organisations, empowering their success and fuelling their innovation. At Recordkeeping Innovation, our understanding of the power of organised, secure, and accessible information is at the heart of our Information Governance Services. We offer comprehensive solutions that enable the effective leveraging of information and data across organisational structures, breaking down information silos, as well as ensuring adherence to regulatory or industry-specific standards and requirements.

Framework development

A strategic Information Governance framework serves as the cornerstone of effective information management. We develop frameworks that cover information, knowledge and recordkeeping, policies, compliance, and accountability. Information governance requires planning, drawing on the expertise of our team to deliver the highest quality of framework results. Our experienced consultants deliver information governance strategies for all aspects of information control, risk mitigation and digital preservation, managing privacy protection, fraud control and information security. With decades of industry-leading expertise, our team of specialists achieve robust, flexible, and scaleable Information Governance frameworks that are grounded in your unique organisation needs. Our work creates structured accountability, enhances data quality, and supports decision-making at every level of your organisational structure.

Security and Access requirements

Our Information Governance services encompass the development and implementation of stringent security and access requirements, ensuring your data is secure and accessible. Whether we’re developing unique access controls or recommending first-class encryption methodologies, data security is prioritised in every step of our Information Governance workflow and protocols.

Information governance supports and sustains business

Whether you operate within a highly regulated industry or work to internal company standards, compliance is not an option, but a foundational necessity. Our robust expertise ensures your Information Governance practices align with industry standards, taking a planned and systematic approach to the creation, capture and management of information, records, and data. Information Governance defines how information decisions are made, manages digital data, and changes behaviors to support better access to corporate information.

Invest in your business’s future through Information Governance

No matter the challenges and opportunities your organisation is navigating, an investment in Information Governance is a proactive investment in an empowered future. Our focus on an enterprise-wide view of information and data empowers organisations to chart a path through complex information and data landscapes with confidence and ease.