North Sydney Council

Recordkeeping Innovation was recently engaged by North Sydney Council to complete a comprehensive review of their records management and information management governance, practice, and systems.


North Sydney Council


Local Government


Tasked with determining the suitability of the Council’s current records and information management practices, reporting on EDRMs usage, and developing a roadmap for the future, this project required close collaboration with key stakeholders in order to build sustainable and scaleable outcomes for the organisation’s benefit.

Our Role

Recordkeeping Innovation sought to identify compliance gaps, any risks associated with current practices, and opportunities for improvements to all aspects of the Council’s records management and information management protocols. We built a strategic approach to this review process that included the placement of an on-site Recordkeeping Innovation consultant that allowed for a detailed review and analysis of internal documentation and systems, as well as ongoing meetings with key stakeholders from Council directorates, regular project directional meetings that involved Council’s General Manager, enabling the sharing of crucial information across RKI’s discoveries, report previews before formal submissions, and the successful resolution of project obstacles as they arose, discovery interviews with all stakeholders across the Council to identify systems, information assets, and areas for potential improvement.

Client Outcomes

To equip Council members with strategic insights from our findings, we developed the following deliverables:

Current State Assessment

A comprehensive overview of recordkeeping requirements alongside a high-level current state assessment that incorporated a practice review of the Document Management Services Team

Information Governance Framework

A full review of existing governance documentation, RMAT compliance assessment, and the development of draft Framework, Policy, and supporting procedures


A comprehensive review of Council’s EDRMs, resulting in recommendations for future implementations, as well as a high-level assessment of other business systems in use at Council, and recommendations for improvements to information governance protocols

Summary Report and Action Plan

A summary of findings across all separate review activities, and the development of a five-year roadmap for records and information management improvements, segmented into core streams and associated work packages, and complete with resourcing requirements and assigned responsibilities

Security and Access requirements

Armed with the Implementation Plan that provided a holistic pathway forward to achieve robust records management and information management practices, the Council was able to build a comprehensive understanding of organisation-wide information management gaps and opportunities. This also fuelled a clarified awareness of the risks and impediments that faced the organisation’s effectiveness at an executive level through the insightful work of Recordkeeping Innovation’s consulting team.

Paired with an accurate view of current state EDRMs usage patterns and their relationship to information within line-of-business systems, as well as a blueprint for recommended EDRMS configuration, the North Sydney Council are now equipped to prioritise and resource initiatives to improve their information management in the short-term, medium-term, and into the future.

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