World Digital Preservation Day

World Preservation Day 5/11/2020

Did you know that the first Thursday of November is celebrated as World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD).  WDPD allows preservation experts across various industries to come together and raise awareness of digital preservation initiatives and societal benefits of preservation.

The world in which we work today is largely digital. Digital information and records are growing exponentially every day, and appropriate strategies need to be developed and implemented to ensure appropriate records and information are preserved over time. As we live through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s evident that evidence of worldwide organisational and social responses to the pandemic are likely to have ongoing historical, social and research value. So how do we ensure that relevant records and information are maintained and preserved for future generations?

In a past blog, we talked about digital preservation. In it we discussed what preservation means, its importance, and resources to support digital preservation programs and initiatives. The Digital Preservation Coalition act as champion of WDPD, and provide a plethora of resources to help organisations get their digital preservation journey underway. The Digital Preservation Handbook is a great starting point for organisations wanting to understand what preservation involves.

Before you get started it is important to understand:

  • the digital records and information assets your organisation owns
  • the repositories (i.e. systems) that house your records and information assets
  • retention requirements for digital records and information assets
  • organisational expertise and technical capacity to carry out digital preservation activities

From this, organisations can develop a digital asset register which can provide a clear and concise view of digital assets it owns. Having an understanding of organisational readiness will also help to inform preservation next steps, and whether external expertise is required to support your preservation journey.

If you’re looking to start your preservation journey and need some support the team at Recordkeeping Innovation can assist you. Learn more at

About the Author

Adelaide Copland has worked as an information specialist and CM/TRIM application administrator since 2014.  Adelaide has experience in Microsoft 365 implementations, process improvement, records training delivery, development of policies and procedures, strategy and establishing digitisation programs.

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