Information Management in Microsoft 365 – Event-based Retention

In the last part of our Microsoft 365 (M365) series we looked at retention labels. While event-based retention is possible in the M365 environment through retention labels, it requires additional steps on the part of end users and administrators in order to work: See an example below of what event-based retention might look like for employee file records, which generally need to be […]

Toolkit for Information Governance

As Information management consultants we engage with organisations to help them create, review and implement complex information governance frameworks.  Many of these organisations are subject to frequent and recurring administrative and organisational change.  These changes present significant challenges for continuity of information access. Recently we undertook a large information governance project for a government department […]

Information Management in Microsoft 365

Retention labels in Microsoft 365 (M365) provide organisations with the ability to apply retention controls to documents through the solution interface. Unlike retention policies, when a retention label is published end users can view and apply retention labels themselves. To understand how retention labels can be used to support your retention requirements, let’s look at how […]

World Digital Preservation Day

Did you know that the first Thursday of November is celebrated as World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD).  WDPD allows preservation experts across various industries to come together and raise awareness of digital preservation initiatives and societal benefits of preservation. The world in which we work today is largely digital. Digital information and records are growing exponentially […]